Kendall Jenner Awkwardly Runs Into Man Wearing ‘Kill The Kardashians’ Shirt & Takes It In Stride

Kendall Jenner Awkwardly Runs Into Man Wearing ‘Kill The Kardashians’ Shirt & Takes It In Stride

AWKWARD! Kendall Jenner was just making a quick trip to the store when she ran into a stranger wearing a 'Kill the Kardashians' tank. Luckily, she's learned how to laugh at people poking fun at her family!

Kendall Jenner probably wasn't expecting to run into one of her family's biggest haters when she went out to run a quick errand on June 20! The supermodel hit a local store when she saw a guy wearing a tank top that literally read 'Kill the Kardashians.' OMG! Rather than shying away from the awkward encounter, though, Kendall decided to put the dude on blast and film him for her Instagram story! She caught a clear view of the shirt on her phone and posted it with the caption, "Popped out to grab some milk." LOL!

After more than ten years in the spotlight, the Kardashian family is pretty used to their haters and critics, so Kendall was clearly taking the situation in stride and laughing at it rather than getting upset. It's unclear if she actually said anything to the man to make it all even more uncomfortable for him, but either way, the whole thing is pretty hilarious and we're very here for it!

Kendall has been in headlines lately because of her personal life - specifically, her new relationship with Ben Simmons. While she hasn't confirmed a romance, the two have been practically inseparable for the last several weeks. However, Kendall confused people a bit when she was spotted kissing Gigi and Bella Hadid'sbrother, Anwar Hadid, at a party earlier this month, amidst the Ben romance rumors.

kill the kardashians shirt

Since then, she's been hanging out with Ben non-stop, though, while Anwar was seen cozying up to a mystery girl, himself, on June 18. Whatever happened between those two, it definitely seems like it was just a one-off!

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