Mankirt Aulakh, the  Gangland fame, has been a source of inspirations for all his fans and followers. Prior to entering the Pollywood entertainment industry, the singer was a wrestler. And ever since he stepped into the Punjabi music industry, he has lost his weight tremendously making him the hearthrob of many girls, all arounf the world.

All his songs have made a special in the hearts of the people. People blast the tracks in their cars, phones and just can't stop humming the tune of the songs. The music of all the songs had left the Punjabi audience tapping their feet to the song. After all, no Punjabi song seems alive without its music video.

Now the singer has come up with a new song titled 'Brotherhood'. The song has been sung by Makirt Aulakh and Singaa, who is also the lyricist has featured in the video. It is a song which is a dedication to his friend, Lovepreet Sandhu (Pitta). The video of the song has been done by Sukh Sanghera, who is also the mastermind behind the story of the musical video. The music composer of the song is Mix Singh. This song on friendship has been relased under Saga Hits.

Source: Instagram

This is not the first time that Sukh Sanghera has composed a video for this Punjabi hearthrob. Before too, Sukh and Mankirt have collaborated for working on the musical videos of songs like Badnaam, Kadar, Daang, Gangland and Khaab.

This is a song which when you once listen will definitely makwe you dedicate it to all your friends. The most catchy lines of the song are, "Yaaran bin kakh da, yaaran naal lakh da Yaara bin kakh da, yaara naal lakh da."

And by the time the song finishes, it will leave you in tears. Mankirt concludes the song by saying,

"Na khushi rahi na chaa reha,

Na manzil rahi na raah rahi,

Eh duniya bhaave Lakh vase,

Tuteya dil kitho na judeya,

Mere yaar inni door gaye,

Jitho wapis koi na mudiya."

If you haven't heard the song, check it out below.


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