Suzuki To Introduce Electric Scooters And Motorcycles In India By 2020

Suzuki To Introduce Electric Scooters And Motorcycles In India By 2020

Suzuki Motorcycles is planning to introduce electric two-wheeler in India by 2020. This also coincides with Maruti Suzuki's plans of launching its first electric car in the country.

According to ET Auto, the company is planning to invest in electric vehicles in India. The company Chairman, Osamu Suzuki met with Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi back in 2017.

Suzuki To Introduce Electric Scooters And Motorcycles In India By 2020

After the meeting, the company has committed to invest Rs 1,700 crore towards EVs in the country. The company has partnered with Denso and Toshiba for the EV investment in India. Suzuki's first step will be to set-up a battery-production facility in Gujarat.

The Indian-subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corp will bring electric vehicles to India. This includes both electric scooters and motorcycles. However, the initial priority will be the introduction of electric scooters. With Electric Motorcycles to be brought in at a later stage.

Suzuki has already set up a project team of five people. The project team with the help of KPMG will find solutions for electric vehicles in India.

The company is working towards the Indian government's vision for electrifying vehicles in the country. The investment will initially be used to set up the battery production facilities in India.

The cost of electric scooters in India is still high, in comparison to the conventional ones. However, the company is working on ways to make electric vehicles in the country more accessible.

Suzuki is also said to be addressing the issue of the range offered by electric scooters. The company is also looking into swappable batteries to address the issue of range.

The company believes that the electrification of two-wheelers could grow faster than other segments. The first electric scooter from Suzuki will be launched in 2020.

Suzuki Motorcycles had already developed an electric scooter, back in 2011. The electric scooter, Lets, came with a 100-volt battery while delivering a maximum range of 30km on a full charge.

However, with improved technology since then, the new electric scooter for India is expected to be more advanced. The pricing for the electric scooter will also be more reasonable and accessible to the general public.

Thoughts On The Suzuki Motorcycles India Offering Electric Two-Wheelers

Suzuki Motorcycles is a marginal player in the Indian two-wheeler segment. However, the company is the leader in the 125cc category, with its Access offering.

The launch of electric scooters and motorcycles in the local market play an important role in the future of Suzuki Motorcycles in India.

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